Rebecca Pilozo
Rebecca Pilozo

The Bronzing Technique You Need To Try This Summer

No beauty product holds a place in my heart the way bronzer does. I’ve tried my fair share and discovered that by adding the right golden tones, your glow doesn’t have to look faux. The secret to nailing a perfectly bronzed face is the W technique.

I’ve been using Benefit’s Hoola Zero Tanlines Allover Body Bronzer (yes, I’m using a body bronzer on my face!) because liquid bronzer works well with my skin. It’s my bronzer of choice for the W technique, as it buffs and blends easily. It gives me the ultimate Brooke Shields-in-Blue Lagoon golden complexion.

WTRENDSTEP1-700x700[I like using a flat top brush for precise buffing.]

Sweep Your Brush to Your Cheek
In order to master liquid bronzing, remember this key tip: Less is more. Too much will cake on your skin and look unnatural. You can use any foundation brush of your choice, lightly buffing the liquid bronzer from your hairline all the way to the side of your nose.

WTRENDSTEP2-700x700[See the difference the warmth adds? Left is the side with the bronzer and right is a clean canvas.]

Brush Down the Bridge of Your Nose
Despite what we’ve been told about contouring the sides of our noses, lightly applying bronzer on the bridge will elongate it, and it’s flattering—I swear, try it! After you’ve applied your liquid bronzer onto both sides of your cheeks, use the leftover product on your brush and dust it onto the bridge of your nose.

WTRENDSTEP3-700x700[Applying bronzer onto your jawline will add definition to your face.]

Even It Out
To blend out the warmth of the bronzer and make it look as natural as possible, be sure to brush some of the leftover bronzer up to your temples and lightly down your jaw for a smooth, naturally blended look.

pic 1[Here is my final liquid bronzing look using the W technique. Easy, right?]