Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch
I am Glow’s assistant beauty and fashion editor. A former makeup artist and forever beauty enthusiast, when I'm not alphabetizing my lipstick collection (or applying blush), you can find me cruising around Toronto’s west end with my dog Gertrude.
Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

The Top Beauty Hacks I Learned from Stila’s Sarah Lucero at NYFW

For a makeup artist, beauty editor and all-around beauty enthusiast like me, going backstage at New York Fashion Week is like hitting the jackpot. You’re up close and personal with the world’s biggest supermodels (hello, Bella!) and can feed off the energy and excitement of being in the same space as some of the most creative and talented artists in the biz. Getting to chat with industry vets like Sarah Lucero, global executive director of creative artistry for Stila, felt a bit surreal. One of the coolest parts of hitting up NYFW is hearing pro tips, tricks and hacks for creating cutting-edge looks, and I can always rely on Lucero to dish great beauty advice. Here are some of the best hacks I learned backstage from her this season.


The show: Vivienne Tam
The hack: Keep your eyeliner in place with a shadow barrier


The look Lucero keyed for Vivienne Tam involved using lots of the brand’s beloved Smudgepot on models’ water lines. When she was asked how she keeps the liner in place, Lucero said she made an “eyeshadow barrier” under the bottom lashes. Just buff a neutral matte shadow underneath the lashes and, just like that, you’ve upped the longevity of your liner.

The show: Frame Denim
The hack: Use a Beautyblender to apply cream blush


Beautyblenders are an absolute must-have, but not just for foundation. Lucero uses the staple for last-minute fixes on models before they hit the runway, and to apply cream blush. She used the sponge to blot Stila Convertible Colour in Magnolia onto cheekbones at Frame Denim. “[The look is] a bit more shaped,” says Lucero. “I take the larger end of a Beautyblender and just blot. It’s kind of a big space, but it gives more of that [natural] flush.”

The show: Frame Denim and Vivienne Tam
The hack: Use a grey lip balm to neutralize your natural lip colour

I know grey on your lips sounds strange, but this new balm from Stila is so pretty! Lucero used Color Calm Balm in Grayson (launching soon!) on models when she wanted a natural lip colour. “This [balm] is also great on guys with really rosy lips, or girls. I can’t wait for these [to come out].” It casts a soft focus over the lips, helping to neutralize a really pink or brown pout. I’m already totally hooked on the brand’s other Color Balm Lipsticks (Isabelle is my fave), so I’m pumped to test this grey one out.

The show: Frame Denim
The hack: Use two colours to fill in your brows


Having full, natural brows tops a lot of beauty wish lists. While most people try to achieve that look using one brow colour in their arches, Lucero has a tip that will give your brows more dimension. “I always start with a lighter colour, and then I use something a bit darker to get some depth and a bit of oomph,” she says. “[If you go all dark] you lose that softness.” She likes the brand’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color, using a lighter shade through the base of the brow then adding a few darker strokes through the middle. “Go in the direction the brow hair is growing so you can see a little skin. That’s what makes it look real.”