Marlene Rego
Marlene Rego

How I beat my shaving addiction

My favourite way to greet spring is to rip hair off my body. Hear me out—waxing is my motivation to stop reaching for my razors and start baring some skin—even if that’s just a peek of ankle in cigarette pants.

Inevitably, there’s a little bit of prep that goes into transitioning from shaving to waxing, including a few weeks of exfoliating while I let things grow out. I call this Stage 1. I’m a DIY-er when it comes to waxing my legs and arms, but I leave everything else to the pros. Letting things grow is uncomfortable—only because I’m not used to it—but part of the process is embracing a little body hair.

Stage 1. Use a body lotion that exfoliates and moisturizes. Reversa’s skin smoothing lotion is ideal for people who have keratosis pilaris (aka KP aka chicken skin) that commonly happens on the back of the arms. But who says you can’t use this to keep your entire body super soft? The 10% glycolic acid will eliminate flaky skin and pulls double duty by also hydrating. Just don’t use it immediately following a wax.

Stage 2. Bite the bullet. I like Persian Cold Wax because it’s water-soluble and comes right off in the shower. I often heat up cold wax in the microwave for a few seconds because it should be the consistency of honey yet it’s usually not spreadable right out of the jar. This stuff is ideal for sensitive skin because it only has three ingredients: sugar, water and citric acid. I spread it thinly and pull in one fluid motion. It’s not pain-free, but a few things help: Advil beforehand and I never wax right before my period when skin is ultra sensitive.

Stage 3. It’s all about preventing in-growns, which means a good exfoliating and moisturizing routine is key. I like the new Vichy Ideal Body Aqua Sorbet for mega hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid and 10 (!) oils. This lotion really lasts (no need to reapply) and is good for someone like me who often skips moisturizer altogether. The only remaining challenge is not to give in to shaving. Sometimes I cave and reach for a razor because it’s quick but waxing saves way more time in the long run.