Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

Why I Take Three Sunscreens to the Cottage

I pack a lot of sunscreen when I go away. Why? Because not all sunscreens are created alike. There’s a type for every occasion.

Take lotions for example. While they are perfect for everyday wear for my cubicle-mate Mishal (as she writes in her post Why You Need A Liquid Sunscreen For Your Face), they are not the ideal type of sunscreen to take to the cottage, wear during sports or any outdoor activities, IMHO. When mixed with sweat and/or water, lotions travel over the skin. I once went swimming in Florida, and I was blinded so badly by my sunscreen and I had to get my face sprayed down by my snorkelling guide. “Never wear lotion on your face when you’re swimming,” he told me. Despite the fact I was blind, I could see he was right. And the same goes for when you’re sweating. Since my sunscreen education, I’ve vowed never to let SPF ruin a good vacay again.

The Lodge at Glendorn recently invited to visit its gorgeous facilities, partake in the outdoor activities, check out the spa and dine like we’re not camping. It’s how I imagine cottaging would be for the Kardashians – so I guess I should call it Kottaging. It’s a luxury resort that keeps you in tune with nature and the ability to truly pull away from your everyday life. And with their activities in mind, and with my recent sunscreen mishap, here’s how to have the best time at the cottage while protecting your skin.

Go Fish!
When you’re out on the water, even at the gorgeous Fuller Brooke at Glendorn, you can’t hide in the shade. And, with the sun reflecting back off the water, your risk for sun exposure increases. Spots you wouldn’t normally worry about, like under your chin or your forehead under the brim of your hat, are suddenly exposed. That’s why I choose Clinique Body Cream with Solar Smart SPF 30. I’m a girl, and I worry about anti-aging (especially with the 360-degree exposure), so this light cream is perfect and stays put.


Take a Hike!
I just love hiking. It’s walking. And it’s nature. What’s not to love? And when I hit one of eight trails at Glendorn, you can be sure that I’m geared up with snacks, my camera phone, a hat, perhaps a lightweight jacket and more. So a spray sunscreen is convenient to carry because of its lightweight packaging, it also saves me from having to bring wet naps to clean my hands after applying it. I just reapply Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50 with a spritz. No fuss.


Go out for a Spin!
Those hiking trails are also great biking trails at Glendorn. And unlike with hiking, for biking I wear whatever I was already planning for the day, so I’m a bit more exposed and sweaty. But to avoid sunscreen mixing with sweat I go for a water/sweat resistant sunscreen formula. My choice sun protection for biking: Garnier Ombrelle Sport Endurance SPF 50. While I’m not a huge fan of the scent, I am a big supporter of its longevity. It stays on for 80 minutes. The perfect length for a ride.