Why I Choose Shaving Over Waxing

I was definitely a late bloomer, and my 12-year-old self tried to will my leg hair to darken. Most of my friends were already shaving their legs, and I was desperate to join the club. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine I ever wished this task on myself. Nowadays, shaving is something I usually dread and put off as long as possible (bring on tights season!).

For a brief moment in time I thought waxing might be an easier alternative, but boy was I wrong. My skin was way too sensitive to withstand the ordeal, and I ended up with seriously angry looking blisters—definitely not bikini ready. Since then, I’ve been a committed razor user, but in my 20+ years of shaving, I’ve always just used cheapo disposable models. They get the job done, obviously, but you have to replace them frequently, and they’re not completely foolproof—I’ve nicked myself more than once. Yet, I’ve never once thought to invest in an electric shaver that might make one of my least favourite tasks a little more bearable.

AdvertisementAnd let me tell you, the Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (BRL180) is a serious game-changer. I don’t know why I resisted its charms for so long. I’ve never had a closer shave in my life (thanks to the dual shaving foils that make sure fewer hairs are missed). Plus, there’s absolutely no irritation (a total miracle considering how sensitive my skin is). The rounded pearl tip trimmer and safety bars also protected my skin from scratches, even on awkward areas like my ankles and knees where I’m prone to scrapes. Best of all, I loved that I could use the shaver in the shower—and I didn’t even need messy shaving cream to get perfect results. With summer getaways on the horizon, it’s nice to know I can just pack my new shaver and hit the road!

Advertisement– Nicole Keen

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