Mishal Cazmi
Mishal Cazmi

Choosing My Wedding Day Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance for your wedding day is a deeply personal thing. As a scent lover and bride-to-be, it’s a decision I take very seriously. For me, it’s every bit as important as the shoes I’ll slip into or the the necklace I’ll put on the big day. That being said, the hardest part is finding The One. Do I pick a tried-and-true scent or purchase an entirely new scent altogether ? Do I base my choice on the weather and go for something that’s seasonally appropriate? Or do I dip into the classics and go for one of those heady head-turners? To help me make my decision, I enlisted the help of four women who work in the wedding industry who know a thing or two (or three) about wedding day fragrances. Here’s what they had to say.


The season’s newest fragrances for every bride’s spritz list. 

Choose something you’ll still love down the road.
“Having a wedding day fragrance is huge. You’ll want to pick a fragrance that you’ll still love down the road, so that whenever you spritz some on it’ll remind you of your special day. My signature wedding day scent was Love Chloé. It’s always in rotation, and it’s my go-to for special occasions.” – Roseanne Dela Rosa, associate editor at Weddingbells

Stay true to your favourite notes.
“Don’t change fragrance categories on your wedding day. If you are known for wearing chypres or powdery scents, a wedding day isn’t a good day to change to an amber or gourmand. Keep a new fragrance in the same scent category.” – Barb Simkova, photographer at Tara McMullen Photography

Make it your ‘something old’ instead of ‘something new.’
“There are classics like Chanel No. 5, Guerlain Shalimar, and Dior J’Adore that have been around for ages, and there’s a reason women gravitate towards these ‘something old’ fragrances. For some, it’s a classic scent that they’ll still love years from now, and for others it could be a generational thing, a fragrance that their mother wore and was handed down to them.” – RDR

If you can afford it, go for the splurge.
“Sometimes the wedding day is a good excuse to splurge on a fragrance you have been wanting to get, just like you would on a nice pair of heels for the big day.” – Rebecca Chan, owner and planner of Rebecca Chan Weddings

Enlist a fragrance expert.
“For my wedding day, I wanted a scent that was exotic and exclusive and a heady blend of patchouli, vetiver, Bulgarian rose and gardenia was my perfect match. I actually met with a ‘nose’ or fragrance expert who helped me find the gem. She considered my wedding style, my personality and my everyday fragrance loves to guide me towards my wedding scent.” – Alison McGill, editor-in-chief at Weddingbells

And just as importantly—don’t feel pressured about wearing fragrance!
“I actually did not have a special scent for my wedding day! I don’t wear fragrances regularly, so I did not want to change that on the wedding day.” – RC