Elena Pranjic
Elena Pranjic

How to Get a Perfect Faux Glow Before You Walk Down the Aisle

So your big day is coming up and as you’re trying on THE dress one more time to make sure it still makes your stomach flutter with butterflies, you realize one thing: Your skin tone blends right into that creamy white gown. With only weeks until you walk down the aisle and no time to rush down south for some Vitamin D you feel like you’re left with only one option, looking like a ghost on your wedding day.


Or you could just get a spray tan. Now I know from my personal experience with self tanners (hello streaks and dark patches) that you’re probably afraid a pre-wedding spray tan will turn you orange, so I sat down with St. Tropez spray tan expert Sophie Evans to make sure all your questions (and worries) are covered.

Prepping Your Skin
“Do all your waxing 24 hours before. Get all your hair removal done. That’s really important because if you wax your legs after you tan it’ll take the colour off, so do all that before. Just get your skin in good condition, exfoliate and moisturize.”

Choosing the Shade
“You could do a patch test if you wanted to, especially if you aren’t used to a certain brand, because you might not like their colour, or just use a brand you’re more familiar with so you already know what to expect. I would let a professional choose the shade for you because it doesn’t necessarily have to do with your skin colouring, but more to do with your pH balance.”

Maintaining Your Tan
“Just moisturize every day, exfoliate lightly every couple of days and buy a gradual tanner to take on your honeymoon and that will maintain the tan.”


Tricks for a Quick Fix: Dark Patches
“If you have dark patches I would use hair removal cream like Veet or Nair and leave it on for half the recommended time—if you leave it on for the full amount of time you’ll take the tan off completely. So just paint it on where you have darker areas and that should correct it. It works really well for correcting tan, but you just have to get past the smell!”

How to Prevent Rubbing off on Your Wedding Dress
Evans reassured me that the only way that would happen is if you had the tan done on the day of your wedding and you sweated heavily, but as long as you’ve taken your first shower you should be absolutely fine (phew!).

Speaking of spray tans rubbing off, I couldn’t resist asking Evans what went wrong with Skylar Davis, who cried after getting her spray tan done and completely ruined it. (If you haven’t seen the image of Davis’ tear-streaked face, you need to Google it ASAP.)

“First of all, I think her spray tan wasn’t done very well. Putting loads of layers on your skin doesn’t make you any darker,” says Evans. The only way to fix a faux glow faux pas that major is to take it all off and redo it.

What to Remember
A tan could make your wedding dress, but it could break it as well: if it’s too dark, it could look artificial.

Sophie’s Top Tip?
If you’ve got the time, do a trial run!