Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

How a bun saved me and my scalp

I’m a terrible packer. I was just in Barbados for the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend, and I forgot to put a running hat in my luggage. I always forget something. Heels, bathing suit, you name it, and I’ve not packed it. But with the blazing sun that was going to hit me on my 5K run for this amazing Caribbean race, I needed to protect my scalp from getting sun burnt or, even worse, avoid post-burn peeling.

Now wiser from having bangs as well as interviewing a ton of dermatologists, I knew that a hair part is pretty much asking for a sunburn. And because I wanted to do something more than the basic pony, I opted for a run bun. Here’s how I did it.

I let my hair air dry. The hot humidity coiled my locks making it the perfect base for a bun. To do the same without the Barbados sun, just use a volumizing spray, like Phyto Paris Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray. Then I brushed my hair back into a high ponytail, ensuring no parts of the scalp were exposed. Unintentional hair gaps happen to the best of us, so just do a 360-check in the mirror. Because I didn’t want to look bald in my post-race selfie, I made sure I looped the Stylize elastic was high on top of my head. Then, I finger teased my hair, taking even more advantage of what the humidity did to my hair. Frizz is a run bun’s best friend, as it’ll help the top knot hold. Spritz a bit of hairspray, like Clinique Non-Aerosol Hairspray, to make sure your hair has some grit to stay in place.

Now if you’re like me and are avoiding a sunburn, you’ll appreciate this next tip. I used a concealer brush to apply sunscreen along the hairline. I used Banana Boat SPF60 in small drops, and brushed it through the baby hairs along the forehead, around the ears and at the back of my neck. I did not want a greasy ’do, and this worked perfectly.

Back to the bun. I just looped the puff of hair around the elastic and secured the knot with five bobbypins around the base. I spritzed it again with more hairspray. To make it even more feminine (not a necessity for a run, but why not?) I put on a skinny Stylize no-slip headband.

I’m happy to say that my post-run run bun was just as perfect as it was before the race started. And although my face was red from running in the warm Caribbean weather, my head was as cool as it looked.