Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

How I Conquered the #Workoutselfie

If I’m going to take #workoutselfie tips from anyone, it’s going to be someone who wears a helmet when she bikes, rides 26K of craziest terrain route over rocks and logs in under an hour and a half, and then looks like a boss when she steps up to the podium, just like she did when she collected her gold medal at the 2015 Pan Am Games. I’ll wear whatever she’s wearing.

Emily Batty

When Redbull invited me to take a spin class at CYKL with super athlete and Olympian mountain biker Emily Batty, I had to ask her, girl-to-girl, what her post-bike look is all about, especially since is a beauty site and the whole #workoutselfie trend is next level (thanks to Instagram makeup). “Whether I work on a bike or in an office, I choose to wear makeup – it’s my normal. My bike is my office. And at the end of a race I want to look good.” She had her makeup bag with her at the spin studio, and she let me peek inside. In an attempt to train like an Olympian and look just as good as one, I took her tips and went straight to the beauty counter.

Eyelash extensions and black mascara – not waterproof (!)



“I wear eyelash extensions, and I wear mascara just on my bottom lashes. I like the look of big bold eyelashes.”
Eyelash extensions are very popular right now – and for good reason. They give a natural, full-lash look. But since I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe, I opt for faux lashes instead. Actually, I’m not much of a fan of faux lashes, mostly because I don’t like the weight on my eyes. (I didn’t even wear them at my wedding.) This Benefit Prima Donna Lash pair is really lightweight. It didn’t even feel like I was wearing any, through my lunges, squats, ladders and all. Now, granted, I get that wearing faux lashes is a bit extreme for a #workoutselfie, but when you’re headed to the podium after a sweaty competition and being photographed by sports photographers from around the world, why not?

Waterproof makeup and vitamin C cream
“I wear waterproof foundation just underneath my eyes to calm the flush colour I get from working out. And I use it to stop from getting mascara running down my eyes.”
Emily doesn’t wear waterproof mascara, and this has blown my mind. I don’t really believe her that I won’t get raccoon eyes, but I test her theory with NYC Get It All Mascara, and am surprised (no, shocked) that I don’t have black running down my face. With Estée Lauder Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer, I’m a convert.



“People are afraid of a sweaty glow, but I think it looks hydrated and healthy. I like a little bit of shine.”
I get the vitamin C bit – loaded with antioxidants, this cream is a brightener for skin. I would have sworn it would mix with my mascara though. But Neostrata Skin Brightener vitamin C cream didn’t budge on my face at all. And, the Indeed Labs Nanoblur, a free-styling pick by me, was how I finished of the look for smoother-looking skin.

A hat, of course
“When I do a workout and my hair isn’t looking as I want it to, I wear a hat. Even a ball cap. You don’t have to flat iron after, which is the worst thing you can do to your hair after a workout, when you wear a hat.”
While I usually try my best to do fun gym hair, Emily reassures me I’m overthinking it and to just wear a baseball cap. But, since I’m already investing in my #workoutselfie with products, I pick up a faux leather Wilfred cap.

Lisa before and after gymselfie

So here I am with #workoutselfie perfect Emily on the left, and me on the right after learning her secrets. Sure it’s all in vain, but in the age of social media (and #fitspo), I’m happy to put my best face forward. #glowXolympics