Pia Unlayao
Pia Unlayao

How I de-stress from head to toe

Most would tell me that I’m a very relaxed person…except for this time of the year. It’s the end of the school year and all of the assignments piled up on my desk are due within the next few weeks, plus I’m starting to stress about year-end exams. With all of this negative energy swirling around my body I want to de-stress, I need to de-stress. Thankfully, I found a way to get head-to-toe relaxation in five steps.


Step 1:
Get your water running and fill your bathtub with hot water. When I’m stressed, my muscles are really tense and nothing releases them like a relaxing soak with salts. The smell of cherries and rice milk are infused into Bath Retreat’s bath salts and it smells amazing—sweet and soothing.


Step 2:
Did you know that stress also dehydrates your body? To add extra moisture to your skin while you’re relaxing in the tub, add a bit of oil to the water. Olive and baby oil are great but my go-to is Jergens Beauty Oil because it’s made with a blend of shea butter and Argan oil. A few pumps of this and my skin really gets a moisture kick.


Step 3:
While you’re in full relaxation mode it’s as good a time as ever to give yourself a facial, not only on your face, but also on your feet. I grab Feetreat Pedi by Look Beauty to give my tootsies some much-deserved TLC.


Step 4:
I like to get my mask on and relax with Royal Apothic’s Cuppa Cuppa Tea Treatment Mask. This tea infused clay mask delightfully tingles, has a great scent and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated.

Step 5:
Light a candle, get that pruney bathtub skin and relax! All my stress about exams, assignments and work melts away after a bit of pampering.