Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

I ran a 10K with a bum knee

On Halloween night, when the clocks went back, I ran the Adidas #runmore 10K. The whole idea is that you do have time to run, since the race starts at 1 a.m., and finishes at 1 a.m. (when the clocks go back). While I was crazy nervous to run a 10K, I was most nervous about my knee.

My right knee has always been a bit wonky, and it flares up from time to time when I play soccer on a hard field or if I do a quick turn. Vibration training also seems to irritate it (exercising on an oscillating surface). But when I was worked out for six days in a row my knee flared up again.

I have what’s called chondromalacia patella, which is knee cartilage damage that causes pain when sitting, squatting, kneeling and walking up and down stairs. And running 10K should make it hurt more, but I decided to use KT Tape and see if it would support my knee and take away some of the pressure.

While I expected less pain, I have to say I was shocked that I had no pain after the run or even the next day. I’m going to start taping my knee for my workouts, too.