Pia Unlayao
Pia Unlayao

How I’m Dealing With My Strange Tan Line

Although there are a lot of reasons for summer to be your favourite season, there are just as many reasons for it not to be. Like frizzed-out hair, melting makeup and weird tan lines. My office shoes are not too tan line-friendly (mainly closed-toe flats) and that’s taken a toll on what my feet look like in heels. My toes are practically white, while the rest of my feet are very tanned.


I didn’t take this into consideration until I realized that I have an outdoor wedding and a couple of backyard barbecues to attend this summer, and I don’t think two-toned feet are trending right now. It’s been a nightmare trying to shop for shoes—I always end up having to explain myself to the sales associate. Luckily I’ve found a beauty hack that’s a “shoe”-in to help me with my funny tan line.

I’m not going to lie to you, I often forget to apply sunscreen on my body unless I’m at the beach. I apply Vichy Sheer lotion in SPF 60 all over my legs and feet, excluding my pale little piggies. What’s great about this lotion is that it doesn’t feel as thick as regular sunscreen and a little goes a long way, not to mention it doesn’t have a distinctive smell. I make sure to do this before I leave for work in the morning and before I head home at the end of the day.


Now that I’ve figured out how to stop the rest of my legs from getting darker, it’s time for the real star of this method: Jergens Natural Glow Lotion in Medium to Tan. I applied the lotion twice a day (only on my toes) and it gradually helped to even out the colour. The tan is very natural looking, and because it is so moisturizing it gave my feet some extra TLC. You can see on the back of the bottle; it shows the change in colour when used for one week.


Now my feet are pretty much one colour. Thanks to this duo, I can finally wear flip-flops and strappy heels again!