How I Netflix and Chill: The Beauty Edition

The better way to make use of your Netflix obsession? Treating yourself to a DIY beauty session while you watch—an obvious win-win. Here’s how some Glow staffers make the most of their screen time and the beauty routines that go with it.

This is no lie. My end table is filled with nail polishes (about 100 of them) with nail files, dotters, cuticle nippers, buffers, nail stickers, and any tool you’d find at a nail bar. So what do I do while I “watch” TV? My nails, naturally. –Lisa Hannam, health editor


I’m always down for a good Netflix binge. But what makes it even more enjoyable (besides snacks) is adding some skincare to the mix. So, during my TV time I love using a soothing face mask—it makes for an extra relaxing experience. –Alexandria Saracino, editorial intern


If I have downtime to binge watch The X-Files, I usually use that time to give my hair a little TLC. I’m known for switching up my colour so I’ve adopted a DIY conditioning colour treatment that I mix up (a hair mask combined with hair dye) and leave on my strands for an hour or so while I’m relaxing. My latest hues of choice? Cotton candy pink and mint green. –Emily MacCulloch, assistant beauty and fashion editor


My new Netflix obsession is no secret: I can’t get enough of The Office (U.S.). I can easily spend hours with my new pals from Scranton, so I’m making the most of my couch time by using pore strips while I watch. The only challenge is trying not to crinkle my nose when I laugh (which is often). –Nicole Keen, copy/market editor


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