Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

My not-so-basic basic version of Gwyneth’s $200 smoothie

Oh, Gwyneth. Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again, showing the world how lavish her healthy lifestyle is. She posted her daily smoothie recipe on her site, and then The Daily Mail reported that the ingredients cost $200! Rather than sip my yogurt and banana drink in shame, I’m at the blender making a few cheap and cheerful smoothie swaps in her recipe. As a fan of her (I check goop weekly, not gonna lie), I’m excited to goopify my morning smoothie with a few (read: a lot!!!) ingredient changes. GP’s original smoothie recipe calls for 11 ingredients, including ashwagandha, he shou wu, cordyceps and a moon dust of your choice. Not exactly accessible stuff there. Mine, while basic in comparison, isn’t exactly basic. And with the addition of cookie butter, I’d say it’s a bit more fun.


1 cup almond milk   ➜   1 cup almond milk (why change a good thing)

1 tbsp almond butter   ➜   1 tbsp cookie butter (yes, I’m going there)

1 tsp coconut oil   ➜   1 tsp oil of your choice (whatever is in your pantry)

2 tbsp vanilla mushroom protein powder   ➜   2 tbsp Vega protein powder (no whey)

1 tsp maca   ➜   1 tsp cocoa powder (similar flavour and offers antioxidants)

1 tsp ashwagandha   ➜   1 tsp ground coffee (similar flavour and will help wake you up)

1 tsp he shou wu   ➜   1 Emergen-C packet (vitamin C, like he shou wu, is good for your hair)

1 tsp cordyceps   ➜   1 tsp omega oil (flaxseed oil will do)

1 tsp Moon Dust of choice   ➜   1 tsp sweetener (like stevia or sugar)

1 pinch Hamalayan sea salt   ➜   1 pinch table salt

1 pinch vanilla powder (optional)   ➜   1 drop vanilla extract