Stephanie Matas
Stephanie Matas

Why my skin loves cocoa butter

While cocoa butter sounds like some decadent dessert ingredient, I’m raving about the amazing things it does for my skin, not my stomach. Here are all the deets on the natural ingredient and why I can’t get enough of it.

Where does it come from?
It grows on trees, literally. It comes from the cacao beans that grow inside large fruits called cocoa pods. The seeds are fermented and pressed to release butter. Because of its widely recognized health and skincare benefits, cocoa butter is a common ingredient in many of my beauty and skincare products and a must-have in my everyday routine.

How I use it
I use Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion as a daily, all-over body moisturizer and bath buddy. This rich moisturizer melts at room temperature so when it’s dropped in hot water, it transforms my bath into a satiny-soft liquid blanket that helps heal my dry skin. I use one small drop for instant relief of my cracked lips and I lather it vigorously while shaving to avoid stubborn razor burn. Is your skin next-level dry? Mix it with Vaseline Intensive Care Repairing Serum for a moisture boost.

What it does
I love the smoothing effect and glow it gives to my skin. It absorbs quickly and has a powdery soft, non-greasy feel that works to create a sort of moisture-locking barrier that hydrates my skin. It even slightly reduced the dark pigmentation I have from acne scars.


The only downside? It lacks that heavenly, coconut-chocolate smell you find in super luxe formulas. For fragrance fans I would recommend a more concentrated butter, but I’ll be sticking with my miracle worker drugstore buy.