Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

I Sweat-Tested Four Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Don’t sweat it. Despite the fact that deodorants and antiperspirants can feel like the biggest gambles in life, I’ve got you covered. You read the label, check the ingredients, and of course price counts, too. But you never really know how a deodorant or antiperspirant works until you try it. And unlike shoes or even makeup, I’ve never taken a deodorant or antiperspirant back to the store because I didn’t like it. Instead, I grin and wear it. Or I just toss it. Luckily, as a health editor at a national magazine, I get to try the newest products for free and I’m more than happy to share my reviews.

The Sweat Test: 45-minute spin classes. These are not your typical spin classes either. This one is part dance, part biking and all sweat. It’s not just a lower-body workout. Sure we did jump intervals and endurance runs, but the instructors had me doing push-ups off the handles, bobbing side to side in sync with the class, and other moves.

The Sweat Lab: Spokehaüs is a small, new spin studio in Toronto. I was invited to the launch party, and I found it to be the sweatiest workout I’ve ever done. Ever. In my life. Ever. Did I say “ever?” And on top of the typical class I did (which was hotttttt), they offer a hot spin class called HotBox.

Dove Dry Spray

Dove Dry Spray Soothing Chamomile Antiperspirant

Post-spin pits: Dry-ish. This scent is intense, though. When I spritzed myself, it filled the room.

My T-shirt: It smelled as strong as when I first sprayed it after class and at EOD. In fact, I think it might still smell in my laundry bin.

Gym Bag Sniff: Of all the products I’ve tested, I thought this would be the perfect antiperspirant to “clean” my gym bag. While the scent clung to my tee, it didn’t stick with my bag. It smelled of the usual rank. I guess I have to clean it after all.

Sweat Award: The Endurance Award for Longest-Lasting Scent.

Dr Hauschka Deodorant

Dr. Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant

Post-spin pits: I wasn’t completely dry from this roll-on, but that’s to be expected with a deodorant (covers smell, not wetness). But if you’re not a sweater, it’s great. If you are, then you’ll want an antiperspirant. The scent smells like a spa. So pretty.

My T-shirt: My tee smelled subtler after class than when I first put it on. But it was still delicate and appealing. By EOD the scent was completely gone. There was no sign that I’d even take a spin class. However, I did notice that it left a residue mark on my black sports bra. But it washed out, no problem, in the laundry.

Gym Bag Sniff: It didn’t leave any scent of sage or mint in my bag. I was hoping it would, though.

Sweat Award: Best Scent Overall.

Mitchum Sensitive Skin

Mitchum SensitiveSkin Fragrance Free Invisible Solid

Post-spin pits: I wasn’t completely dry. Also, you know how “unscented” tends to mean “lightly scented?” Not with this. This literally smells like nothing. Afterward, I thought I smelled BO, but I think it was another person in the class who’s stench cloud I walked into.

My T-shirt: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Gym Bag Sniff: Just the usual rank.

Sweat Award: Best Application (not wet, easy to use, no chance of breaking or spilling)

Secret Clinical Clear Gel

Secret Clinical Clear Gel Completely Clean Antiperspirant

Post-spin pits: Dry. The strong powdery scent remained through the workout and only faded a touch after my spin sesh. At the end of the day, it was completely faded.

My T-shirt: I had no sweat or BO. The powdery scent did transfer to my tee. But by EOD, it completely disappeared and there was no residual smell.

Gym Bag Sniff: I thought my Nike carry-all would smell like this strongly-scented antiperspirant, but it didn’t.

Sweat Award: Driest of the Bunch.

My bangs hate me for this sweaty workout. (I'm wearing Sarah Wells for Winners tank and Under Armour leggings.)