Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

How To Take A Flattering #gymselfie

A gym selfie isn’t just vain, it also keeps us on track. For me, I can notice better form, stronger posture and, frankly, better results from my workouts. And to post that on social media can also be very humbling. While most people will 🙌 your gym selfie, some will let their own insecurities show and comment like trolls. I had someone say on one of my posts that I looked chubby. I didn’t take what she said to heart and let it ruin my day, but it still gave me a nudge to take more flattering pictures.


When Lululemon at Yorkdale in Toronto offered me a personal shopping experience, I gave lead personal shopper Judy Rasky the task of choosing gym selfie-ready pieces. I showed her my Instagram, and we talked about what doesn’t work:
• oversized tops that throw off the natural shape and proportions of my body
• too-tight tanks that aren’t forgiving
• patterns that exaggerate a silhouette
And we also talked about what does work
• loose-fitting tops that hit at the hips
• slim but forgiving tops and bottoms that show my true silhouette
• long pants (this was more me than Judy, but I found that it made my legs look longer)


When it comes to poses, I find that yoga, Pilates and studio workouts are best. And moves my body is used to. I don’t want to show any weakness in my face or form.

As for up close and personal gym selfies, I learned some tricks from athlete Emily Batty on how to get even skin tone and bright eyes and how to conquer gym hair.

And if you’re wondering about my troll friend, she’s blocked and so was her comment. 💪