Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

The easy way I cleaned my salt-stained boots

Nothing makes me sadder about winter than my salt-stained boots. That pesky salt ages the leather and makes it look dirty. From the ankles down, I look like an extra from The Revenant! I realize I live in Canada and that it’s winter, but I don’t think I should have to look sloppy, especially my boots. I know I’m not alone.


To save my soles (and my uppers, and my vamps) from the worst snowstorm of 2016, I peeled open a pack of Boot Rescue wipes. Essentially they are like face wipes, with similar size, texture, dampness and even packaging. The scent is clean and light (I detect a hint of vinegar and lemon) and the formula is “all natural.” There is no ingredient list on the label, so I can’t say what’s in it.


A touch of black dye from my almond-toe Chelseas did come off onto the white wipe, but it was not enough to alarm me. I was more concerned about the salt stains, which were a cinch to rub off. I love how polished and shiny my boots looked. So much so that I’ve even used the wipes on my leather backpack (that stain took a bit more elbow grease to come clean though). A colleague mentioned that it worked on the salt stains on the cuffs of his jeans. They can also be used on fabric and suede. This excites me since each fall we’re told flared bottoms are coming back in style, and I cannot imagine tucking wide-leg pants into boots.


Thankfully, I’ve kicked salt stains to the curb and have packed Boot Rescue in my purse and at my desk. Bring it on, winter!