Mishal Cazmi
Mishal Cazmi

Three Fall Fragrances To Get Your Hands On

I love fragrance, and more than just the scent itself, I love learning about the process –the inspiration, the raw materials, the perfumer who brought it to life and more. This fall has been major in terms of new fragrance launches, some of which have been flankers and others entirely new altogether. Here are three scents I currently can’t get enough of:


Chloé Fleur de Parfum
Launching in October, Chloé Fleur De Parfum is a second act to the original Chloe. I’ve talked about my long love affair with Chloe before. I’ve sniffed all the different iterations but have never fallen in love the way I’ve loved the OG eau de parfum, which first launched in 2008. This one had me from the moment I tried it on but more importantly, it had my co-workers exclaiming, “What is THAT? It smells beautiful!” every time I sneaked in a spritz. The bottle is dressed up like the original fragrance with a ribbon and has that familiar rose note, but it’s been given a certain lightness with sweet cherry blossom and milky almond notes and fruity raspberry.


My Burberry Black Eau de Parfum
This is totally a case of me judging a book its cover. My Burberry Black is a thing of beauty, a sexy-looking bottle that looks like it should be sitting on a gold bar cart instead of a vanity table. It has rose, of course, (as all my favourite scents do) and it’s by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who knows a thing or two about roses. This one smells like rose swirled in peach nectar and drenched in warm notes of amber and patchouli.


Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum
While I’m not a big fan of fruity floral scents, this one isn’t as cloyingly sweet as so many other ones. Officially, Mon Paris is a modern chypre (FYI, chypre is a fragrance category that usually has fresh, citrusy top notes and warmer woody base notes) that’s been made lighter with pear and strawberry.