Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

Three Ways I’m Dealing With A Nasty Cold

I have a cold. Ugh. My head feels like it’s imploded and my throat feels like a reptile’s tongue. My eyes are watering non-stop and my cheeks look as if I did a drunk makeup vlog and the blush won. Sleep? I used to remember such a thing. I’ll save you the trauma and not take any embarrassing selfies, just leave you with pictures of these face-saving products.


Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Syrup
What is it? A honey-based syrup made with herbs including licorice, dandelion, coltsfoot (a plant, no baby horses were used), loquat (a fruit), senega  (a flower) and mandarin orange and based on traditional Chinese medicine.
This cough syrup is life-changing. It might not change your life, but I’ve hated faux cherry-flavoured cold meds since I was a kid, and this has brought me back into the syrup game. Its subtle honey-herb flavour actually tastes good, and I have no problem taking it.


What is it? A powdered vitamin C supplement (1,000 mg per packet) that you add to water. It’s like Kool-Aid with power.
Although studies are mixed as to whether vitamin C has any effect on the immune system in terms of fighting colds, but I find just drinking it soothing. It instantly bubbles when mixed into a glass of water. I even find it tasty mixed with a glass of OJ.


Advil Cold & Sinus Convenience Pack
What is it? Over-the-counter meds containing ibuprofen (like all Advil products) and a decongestant. The Nighttime formula also includes an antihistamine.
I was hosting a Christmas party and could not be sneezing and blowing my nose all night. So I took two of the daytime pills just before my guests came. It worked! Every time I warned someone that reached in for a hug that I was sick, they looked surprised. I had a bit of brain fog, but it was the holidays so glasses were clinking and no one noticed. I took the Nighttime pill after everyone left. It wasn’t as powerful at knocking me out as, say, NeoCitran, but it also left me less groggy.