How to Treat Your Mom and Help Her Relax This Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, our moms could use more than just one day to be celebrated. They do so much, right? It’s time to repay the favours. Here’s how some Glow staffers plan to pamper their moms this Mother’s Day, from the simple to the sublime.


“My mom and I have always loved spa dates. We’ve done every kind of spa, but we’ve discovered our favourite is Clarins. The other thing we do is just get out of the house and head to the mall. And we always buy something, whether it’s a new polish or an entire outfit.” –Lisa Hannam, health editor


“My mom loves a good candle and incense sticks as much as she loves fragrance, so I’m always looking for scents she might like wherever I go, whether it’s from a cute little local boutique or a foreign city.” –Mishal Cazmi, beauty editor


“I’m the youngest of four kids and my mom has spent years looking after me and my siblings with cooking, cleaning, snuggling, etc. Helping her to relax is as simple as whipping up one of her fave healthy meals (with a glass or two of wine) and giving her a night off so she can put her feet up.” –Emily MacCulloch, assistant beauty and fashion editor


“The best way to thank my mother would be to spend time with her by having a girls’ day. The perfect start to a mother-daughter date? A relaxing trip to the spa to de-stress and unwind.” –Pia Unlayao, editorial intern

Shout out to all of the hardworking moms out there. Thank you for all that you do! ♥