Caryse Firebrace
Caryse Firebrace

I Used Men’s Razors On My Legs, Here’s What I Discovered

Over the years, I’ve heard chatter surrounding men’s vs. women’s razors. Which razor is best for shaving your legs? Is there really a difference between them or is it just colour and design that sets one apart from the other?

Now that the weather is getting nicer, shaving my legs tops my summer to-do list. So I figured there’s no time like the present to test out both types of razors to finally see which one gives me the best shave.


I started by using the women’s Gillette Venus Swirl and men’s Gillette Fusion ProShield. Both razors have five blades and use Flexiball handle technology that allows the razor to move easily to reach every hair—however, they work differently. Since the Venus Swirl is designed for the body, I was able to shave really quickly and I had no trouble with my hard to reach areas. With the Fusion ProShield it was a much closer shave but I wasn’t able to move as quickly because the Fusion ProShield is designed for the face and coarser hair, so the Flexiball responds better to facial contours.


For the next leg, I used the women’s Schick Hydro Silk and men’s Schick Hydro 5. Both razors have high quality strips on them to help prevent irritation. The Hydro Silk made my skin feel really smooth thanks to the water-activating serum that surrounds the razor head and hydrates the skin for up to two hours post shaving (crazy, right?). The Hydro 5 moved smoothly over my skin because unlike the typical lubricating strip that’s on most razors, it has an upgraded gel reservoir that provides less friction while upping lubrication. However, the Hydro Silk still felt softer on my skin, but the Hydro 5 felt sharper.


After putting these razors to the test it was easy to spot some important differences. A women’s razor tends to be lighter and does a great job at keeping my shaving session quick and fuss-free. Since a men’s razor is designed for the face, it provides more precision for a closer shave. So if you’re a busy, on-the-go gal, stick to women’s razors, but if have time to sit back and relax in the tub, a men’s razor will also get the job done.