Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

I Found The Secret to French Girl Hair

I have always adored French women for their beauty—and their French girl hair. They care about how they look, in that they’ll sport a designer bag and wear a bright lip, but at the same time they’re not bothered by a bit of frizz or an accidental kink. And that purse that’s worth thousands of dollars? They wear it with sneakers or high heels all the same.

But French girl hair is no accident. The French don’t often use conditioner in their hair. You’ll note this if you ever stay in a hotel in France, where conditioner is absent from the freebie toiletries. That’s how they get that slept-in texture. While I cannot do without conditioner—I’m Canadian and conditioner is in my genes—I have figured out that French girl hair is beach hair with a polished cut. It always has an architectural shape. Think sharp bangs, long layers. Or it’s an angled bob with edge trimming. (This is the exact reason I got bangs, so when my hair wasn’t behaving it would look like I did it on purpose.)


My first rule of French girl hair is to use products for a beachy, healthy texture. That’s where Sun Bum Shampoo and Conditioner enter. They’re beach-friendly products that give you the look without the damaging dryness. The other thing in my French girl hair kit is the Conair Infiniti Pro Diamond-Infused Ceramic Hot Paddle Straightening Brush.


I have thin hair, and straightening it can make it look even thinner. A good round-brush blowout works because it adds volume to my hair. I use a ceramic straightener to the top layer to smooth it out, but that’s it. Otherwise I feel like I look like the Keeper from Tales of the Crypt. Not exactly sexy. So with the heated brush, I let my hair air dry, even my bangs (gasp!). Then I ran the heated brush slowly through sections of my hair. True, my hair was straight, but I found it had a different kind of volume. When I started thinking it looked something like Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Jeanne Damas, Labériane Ponton and Caroline de Maigret’s styles, I got really into it. Just a swipe of a matte red lippy and I was sold!