Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

How I’m Treating My Damaged Hair

I have super-fine, frizzy, damaged hair, and I’ve been dealing with it the easiest way possible: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry and straighten. It’s not the safest way to care for hair, but heat has been the only thing that can tame my locks. Because I apply heat to my hair after every wash, I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I have a lot of split ends. I would occasionally apply an olive oil or coconut oil mask to deep condition the mess, but I’ve never been too picky about what I put in my hair. I’ll try almost anything: serums, masks, oils, sprays, the list goes on. But ever since I decided to grow my lob out, I’ve been on a desperate hunt to find products that can strengthen and protect my hair.

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Heavily damaged hair is the result of keratin loss. My hair is constantly being stripped of keratin by heat styling, and I need all the keratin in the world to grow it out. Enter Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. This combo is made with liquid keratin to improve shine and for deep reconstruction of weak and brittle hair.

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner combo for more than two weeks now. It’s a little soon to say if it’s actually reconstructing my hair, but I definitely notice a difference in texture. On my days off, I like to air dry my hair to give it a break from the heat. I’m usually stuck with a bit of frizz and dry ends, but since using the Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair feels soft and bouncy. It’s almost too good to be true! What I love most about this hair repair line is that it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Unlike most I’ve used in the past, this shampoo and conditioner feel super light so I can get away with washing every three days, and the fewer times I wash it, the less heat I use on my hair.

On days when I do wash my hair, I like to use a hair primer before blow drying. It helps lock in moisture and hold the style. I’ve been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Leave In Cream Primer, which smooths the hair’s surface and blocks frizz with coconut oil.


With the help of these products, I can get away with skipping the heat part of  styling. I’ve even been wearing my natural wavy hair down. To prevent future hair breakage, I’ve been styling my hair in a super tight topknot and then braiding my hair before I go to bed.

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