Stephanie Matas
Stephanie Matas

Why I’m using less styling products

Wash, dry, style and re-style: that was my morning hair routine. When I would get out of the shower my wet hair smelled great but as soon as it began to dry it just looked frizzy. Most of the time it took fifteen thousand styling products just to calm it down again.


I tried lots of products but nothing seemed to help my messy mop until I came across a sweet smelling combo of Japanese flower blossoms and bamboo oil in OGX’s Sensually Soft Tsubaki Blossom Shampoo & Conditioner. Although my lifelong love for the colour purple first drew me in, I’m happy to report that it’s actually keeping the frizz under control.
When I first used the sulphate-free shampoo, I found it very thick. I could feel its deep cleaning action reach every strand on my head. What continues to catch my eye (and my nose) is the conditioner. It’s so creamy and smells like a fresh meadow (much better than the generic lavender and orchid scents I usually come across). It’s oily at first but after two rinses, I can feel my hair getting softer even when it’s wet. After an hour of air-drying, my hair looks fab.The added oils are great because I use less products to style my hair for a frizz-free look.