Kelsi Su
Kelsi Su

The Best Hair Masks for Soft, Smooth Strands

I have straight hair, and every time it grows to shoulder length it’s a nightmare. Every morning when I wake up I’m in awe of how my strands can go in so many different directions. So I decided to get a perm to help deal with it. My first attempt didn’t result in many curls, though, so I decided to go for a take two. I finally got the curls I wanted, but my hair was left in super coarse condition.


I desperately started on my journey of hair-mask treatments, hoping to achieve the softening results I get at the salon. I have an at-home heat cap so I can leave the mask to penetrate under the heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Although heat caps aren’t a must for most hair masks, I feel like they help to maximize the effects.


Here are three products I used to treat my mane:

The StriVectin Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask features a scalp treatment, which is essential to hair care, according to my hairstylist. Once your scalp is healthy, everything else follows. After shampooing, I towel dried my hair and combed in the mask from scalp to ends. After 20 minutes, I rinsed it out, and I could already feel the smoothness. After that, I lightly conditioned it and rinsed again. Then I towel dried it and finished with some leave-in conditioner and a blow-dry. It gave my curls next-level softness and a natural look. Even though I put it on my scalp—an area I tend to avoid—the mask left no greasiness on my roots.

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I’ve heard so many rave reviews about Phyto. Its Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Mask targets highly damaged hair and is great for nourishing and restoring the quality of your hair, which is just what I need.


It works for both thick and thin hair, with slightly different methods. If you have thicker hair, you apply a greater amount (a quarter-sized) and leave it on longer, for 5-10 minutes. My hair is absolutely on the thicker side so I used the product generously. After several uses, I notice that my hair was not breaking as easily as it used to.


Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Rinse-Out Mask contains coconut oil, which is known for its moisture benefits. The texture is rich and creamy and the fruity smell lasts for a long time post-wash. After one use it left my hair soft and bouncy. I’m excited to give it a few more tries.