Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

Five Things I Learned About Kaitlyn

If you ask me, the greatest perk that comes with being a beauty blogger is getting invited to go to exclusive events and meeting the coolest people. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Canada’s very own Bachelorette (Season 11), Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was by far the most fun interview that I’ve ever done and just like girlfriends, we talked about clothes, makeup, skin, hair and we even shared a few bad hair day stories.

While asking Bristowe how she would prepare to look camera-ready while filming both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, I was a little bit surprised to learn that she wasn’t so happy with her hair care routine while filming the show.


Here is what I learned:

1. Her go-to hair do: Big and Wavy
“I love wearing my hair down! I always try to achieve anything big and wavy.”

2. Hair Routine: Clip-in extensions
“I wore extensions every day, so that ruined my hair. I also back combed my hair by the roots and finished all my hair styles with hairspray to give it extra volume.”

3. Hair Type: Fine
“My hair is fine and I have a lot of it! A lot of products I used usually just weighed it down, especially when washing my hair. Conditioner is what always ruined my hair. I usually just tried to use a little bit of conditioner at the end of my wash because I didn’t want to weigh my hair down too much, but that meant not properly conditioning it.”

4. Hair secret between the other contestants: Dry Shampoo
“I was introduced to and learned so much about dry shampoo during those days. I feel like all of the girls wore hair extensions. We mainly shared makeup tips; it was a good thing there was a makeup artist (a contestant) on the show.”

5. Bad hair day solutions: Messy Buns
“I’m a fan of the messy bun, regardless of good or bad hair days. In between washes, if it’s not dry shampoo, it would be a big messy bun or a cute hat.”

But since then, Bristowe hasn’t been happier with the health of her hair. Her secret? The TRESemmé BEAUTY-FULL VOLUME REVERSE SYSTEM. It’s quite the game changer: Conditioner first, shampoo second.

“It’s a genius idea! You’re still conditioning your hair and following it with the shampoo to give it the volume. I truly believe that it has given me more volume,” she explains.

Like her, I too have very fine hair. I even ditch the conditioner when I plan to wear my hair straight just to avoid bodiless hair, which ultimately results in unwanted frizz. That same evening, I was offered to have my hair washed and styled using the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, Volume Shampoo and Volume Mousse.


I asked for my hair to be styled as usual, but I saw quite the difference with the volume of my hair. I was so surprised (more like IN LOVE) with the beautiful lift from my roots. I left the salon with my hair bouncing; I felt super camera ready. This is definitely a hair care combo that I need to stick to.