Nicole McIntyre
Nicole McIntyre

How I Rock a Side Shave

Side shaves may be a trend of the past, but it’s something you can’t get rid of too fast, as it needs time to grow out. And I won’t be growing mine out for a long time, if ever! I’ll show you how to sport the look in 2017 and beyond with a deep side part and natural-looking hair. Seen all over the runways this season (and on Scarlett Johansson at the Oscars), deep side parts are natural for girls with shaven sides, while spring and summer 2017 will be about embracing your natural hair texture.


Mostly, I wear my hair long and natural. With a shaven side, it’s important to use damage control products. I have found that the deep side part encourages more breakage at the front because of the increased styling and touching to keep it in place. This hairstyle also benefits from volumizing products.

When I rock my side shave, I use three products. Firstly, Tresemmé Expert Selection Botanique Damage Recovery Conditioner is great because it has neither dyes nor parabens, which are bad for the hair. I’m not including a shampoo here because my secret is using way more conditioner than shampoo to keep my hair shiny and healthy. The second product I use is OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum, which I apply when my hair is wet (straight out of the shower). I only comb my hair when it’s wet (since it’s naturally curly), and this helps make it more manageable. The third product I use is Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Biotin + Volume Mousse after I have combed the OGX serum through. The strong hold mousse adds body to the hair while keeping it in place, without giving you crunchy wet-looking curls. Then I let my hair dry naturally to reduce damage. This way the hair turns out looking natural, healthy and still full of body and movement.


You can do just as many hairstyles with a shaven side as you can without one, except for two even buns, braids or pigtails. I find, however, that leaving the hair down and natural is the best look for a shaved side because the unique hairstyle is enough and doesn’t need any extra styling. Sport the look – it doesn’t have to be jarring, but it can be romantic and elegant, and the asymmetry makes your neck look longer and your face thinner!