Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

How I’m Jazzing Up My Wedding Hair

I always thought I’d have super minimal hair for my wedding. No frills, no curls or fancy updo, just a good, solid blowout so my strands look like me on a really good hair day. That was until I laid eyes on Jennifer Behr’s next-level gorgeous headpieces and hair accessories. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend an event at White Toronto where I was invited to peruse the latest beauties in Behr’s collection and also chat up the designer herself (who is genuinely SO COOL with seriously enviable style). After trying on as many sparkly things as I could get my hands on, I started to really think about what I wanted to do with my hair for my upcoming wedding (which is only a few weeks away!).

[The Glow gang hanging with Jennifer Behr at White Toronto]

While I want to keep my hair very “me”—which means no fuss—I still want it to feel special (I mean, it’s my wedding after all). I started searching for styles that add a little extra zhoosh to my usual every day straight strands. I’ve settled on adding just a bit of texture to my hair like Jennifer Lawrence’s perfectly undone lob from the pages of a recent Harper’s Bazaar (except with my bangs). I’m bringing this exact cut to my hairdresser next week to take a bit off of my overgrown bob.

gallery-1459876376-image1[My wedding hair inspo from J.Law in Harper’s Bazaar]

But now onto the fun part. Your wedding is the perfect excuse to splurge on something that makes you feel a little…extra. After doing some serious bonding with Behr’s headpieces, I wanted to get my hands on them again to see my options. I prepped my hair with a heavy dose of dry shampoo, and then tried on three hair accessories I’m considering for my big day. PS – keep in mind my hair will be shorter and more textured à la J.Law above.

IMG_6629[A selection of Jennifer Behr’s headpieces at White Toronto]

The Ursa Major Headband


I love that this headpiece adds just a touch of sparkle and the stars give it a whimsical feel. As I’ve mentioned before, my dress is very ’70’s boho so I think a piece like this is just enough without competing with my OTT dress.

The Violetta Comb


A traditional comb has a special place in my heart. While I’m not wearing a veil, I like the subtlety a bit of sparkle at the back of the head adds. Plus it would be so easy to wear again as you could dress it up or dress it down more easily than a crown. It has a very classic feel to it which would contrast with my dress, but in a good way.

The Alice Tiara


I loooooooove the leaf detailing of this piece. Since my dress has an earthy feel, this would pair perfectly with it. I didn’t think I would want something this tiara-esque but it’s like a baby crown and doesn’t give off any princess vibes.

I love all three pieces for different reasons so I’m still on the fence for what I want to wear. What do you guys think?