Mishal Cazmi
Mishal Cazmi

How I played up my natural hair texture

One of my favourite beauty trends from the runway for spring is the whole idea of embracing your hair’s own natural texture (see Alexander Wang where the models were largely left with their own ’dos, their natural hair enhanced with a few choice styling products).

I have slightly wavy but mostly straight hair and subscribe to the whole ‘Do nothing to your hair and let it do its thing’ school of thought (which is probably why the trend appeals to me). In the summer, I’m all about playing up my hair’s natural texture. In the winter, I’m the worst and don’t embrace my natural texture very well. I’m guilty of blasting my hair with a blow-dryer so I can rush out the door for work or flat ironing it poker-straight because it’s the fastest way to de-frizz without having to think too much about it. I know.


So I interviewed celebrity hairstylist (Kate Bosworth and Gisele are his clients, BTW) and John Frieda international creative consultant Harry Josh and basically had a hair therapy session.

First, he broke down what texture really means: “Texture just means just a bend in the hair. Straight is texture, wave is texture, curly is texture, kinks, frizz. So it’s all about finding a way to reinvent yourself using texture.”

As for how you go about getting it, it’s all about finding the right products for your hair type and the texture you’re aiming for. “If you’re trying to enhance wave, then you want to use wave-enhancing products, whether it be a lightweight spray, a cream-based product or a full-on curl activator,” he explains. If you’re looking for a little more enhancement, enlist a heat styling tool. “If you don’t quite have the beachy-wave and more of a bend, you would need to use a curling iron in your hair and work off the texture you have.” That’s the secret, he says: working with your natural texture and building off that.

The next time I shampoo, I do it with a plan. Post-shower, I work in a lightweight mousse on wet strands. Then, instead of maniacally attacking my hair with a blow dryer, I use a diffuser and dry my hair in sections. After my hair is dry, I use a curling iron to curl parts of my hair (only the top parts). I use a smoothing cream on any remaining frizz and flyaways and finish with a sheer hold hairspray. It doesn’t take as long as I’d dreaded it would and the result is as subtle as I’d like it to be. Harry would be proud.