Alexandria Saracino
Alexandria Saracino

How to Get Boho Beach Waves Sans Heat

Let’s be real: Hair can be uncooperative, especially on those rushed mornings when getting out the door is a struggle. The easiest styling routine for me is to lightly pass over my strands with a straightener and call it a day. But lately I’ve been getting inspired to switch things up.


Now that the weather is making me feel like there’s a beach out there calling my name, I want to find the easiest way to get tousled, bed-head beach waves à la Gigi Hadid with no heat and zero struggle.


I have straight, fine strands, a lot of them, and they’re not pro at holding a curl. To get this look, I make sure to hold off on the conditioner so my hair isn’t weighed down. First I part my next-day dry hair down the middle into two even sections. Then I part each of those sections in half (this doesn’t have to be perfect—get messy with it). I generously spray Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray all over. It gives me just the right amount of volume and hold with a matte finish (and it smells like summer in a bottle, which gets a big thumbs up from me). I gather one of the back sections, twist it away from my face and secure it into a twisted bun. I then gather the front section on the same side, twist again away from my face, wrap it around the back bun, secure it with a bobby pin and repeat for the other side. Next, I complete my morning makeup and dress-up routine, which gives the waves just enough time to set.


After taking down the buns, I put a couple of spritzes of Fructis Texture Tease Spray into my hands and lightly pass my fingers through my hair (just fingers, no brush!), forming twists where extra shaping is needed. The best part about this style is that it gives my hair a (much-needed) break from heat tools, and it’s wearable for day or night.