Mishal Cazmi
Mishal Cazmi

How To Refresh Sweaty Bangs in the Summer

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Bangs are very high maintenance. And not just in a “I need a regular trim every couple of weeks” kind of way. You need to keep them out of the way when you go to the gym, constantly worry about them looking flat, and fiddle with any kind of updo that requires you to lock them down with bobby pins (bobby pins are the enemy). The worst of it is in the summer when sweaty bangs become the bane of your existence. I’ve experienced all of these things first hand.


Even if they bother me all summer long, I still love my bangs. Here are three ways I keep my fringe fresh when temps are high:


1. Use dry shampoo
If I’m at my desk and my bangs need a refresh before an event, I always use dry shampoo. I almost reach for Klorane’s Dry Shampoo as much as I reach for my army of face mists. To use it, you hold your bangs up and spritz the underside, focusing on the roots. Wait for two minutes before raking your fingers through and voila, instant fresh bangs. Warning: Remember to shake your dry shampoo before you spray or you’ll be stuck combing dandruff-like flakes out of your hair for the next ten minutes.


2. Stock up on oil-blotting paper
This is a straightforward one: If you’re oil-prone, oil-blotting papers are your friend. Keep them in your bag, your desk, or wherever you can reach for them easily. Get your T-zone under control but pay extra attention to your forehead.

3. Keep skincare products to a minimum
This is advice I received from celeb hairstylist Harry Josh after I complained about my summertime hair woes. He blames moisturizers for greasy bang situations. Since I can’t ignore my forehead all together because I (like everyone else) worry about wrinkles, I am more careful with how much I use and what type of moisturizer I use (nothing too rich or sticky).