Pia Unlayao
Pia Unlayao

How I Perfected the Blowout at Home

A good blowout is gorgeous on everyone. Every time I see stars on the red carpet, like J.Lo, with gorgeous hair, I can’t help but wonder how they got their hair so full and sleek at the same time. The obvious answer is because they have a team of stylists. Maybe.

When I got the chance to sit in the salon chair of Dante Perrone, who is the Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda, at his men’s grooming club Axe & Hatchet, I knew he had the secrets to a beautiful blowout. After all, he’s known for doing amazing women’s hair, as seen on a previous post “I got my hair cut at a barbershop—and loved it.” So here’s what I found out about achieving a starlet-worthy blowout.


1. Use a volumizing spray.
Dante used John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Out Spray after he towel-dried my hair. The spray is made with a blend of polymers that spread throughout the hair, and the heat from your hair dryer activates them to thicken the look of hair.
Expert tip: Spray a volumizing spray throughout your hair from root to end, make sure to spread it with your fingers.


2. Don’t forget mousse.
I’ve always been one to shy away from mousse (unless it’s the chocolate kind) because our relationship has never been a good one. Every time use hair mousse, my hair gets crunchy. But since I was in Dante’s oh-so-capable hands, I felt okay this time. He applied John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse was applied to the top of my head (roots to mid-shaft).
Expert tip: As for the crunchiness, don’t use mousse on its own. A cocktail of moisturizing products will improve texture.

3. Now it’s time to dry your hair.
After all the product was in Dante gave my hair a quick dry with his fingers to my roots set the product a little. Give your hair movement by flipping your head over to dry.
Expert tip: Blow your hair in the opposite way that it naturally falls, it creates more volume.


4. Clips are your friend.
Make sure you have a couple hair clips and a round brush ready. Section your hair and start drying. Use the brush as a guide and keep your hair dryer on it as you make your way down to the ends of your hair, spinning it as you reach the bottom.
Expert tip: When drying each section, twirl the brush as you reach the end of the hair. It will give your hair a beautiful wavy texture. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

After my hair was blown out, all I could say was, “This is amazing!” My hair didn’t even feel like there was any product in it and it had so much volume. I mentioned to Dante how I have alopecia areata, and he said that it is way more common than you would think. He’s had so many clients come in with the same issues. It was so comforting to know that. With the thickness created from the products and the styling, my bald spot was nowhere to be found.