Nicole Keen
Nicole Keen

Salon-quality hair colour for less than $20? Sign me up!

I was only 13 when I noticed my first grey hairs (I like to joke that I’ve always been wise beyond my years!), so I’ve been experimenting with at-home hair colour for a couple of decades now (sheesh). Over the years, I’ve tried numerous brands, formulas and shades (always in the chocolate brown family, except for an ill-fated flirtation with Sun-In), but my main pet peeve has remained consistent across the board: my roots and my tips always end up slightly different colours. There’s a perfectly rational explanation for this phenomenon—previously coloured hair (your ends) absorbs dye more quickly than new growth (your roots), which is why professionals always paint your roots first before colouring the rest of your head. Vidal Sassoon’s Salonist hair dye is the first of its kind: an at-home kit that enables you to use the same technique in the comfort of your own bathroom. Needless to say, I’ve been curious to try it for a while now, and this past weekend I decided to finally give it a go.


My first impression? I’m pleasantly surprised by all the tools that are included, especially the brush, which makes precise application a breeze (although you might need a friend to help you reach the back of your head!) and the mixing tray. Oh, and I’m a HUGE fan of the black rubber gloves (even when they’re covered in dye they don’t look messy). I’m also impressed by how nice the mixture feels on my scalp, particularly when I apply the colour serum (it’s added to the mixture during the second last step). I daresay my hair is actually in better condition after colouring, which is something you can’t say about every DIY hair dye. But most importantly, my strands are a consistent shade from root to tip—it’s a hair-colouring miracle! Priceless, really (FYI: the actual price of a kit is only $16). The moral of the story: I’m totally happy with the results, and I’ll definitely pick up this kit next time my silver “highlights” make an unwelcome appearance.