Elena Pranjic
Elena Pranjic

The Texturizing Sprays I Swear by for Perfectly Tousled Locks

Ever since I chopped off my long locks, I’ve been searching for the right products to help me minimize the time I spend in front of the mirror while still making it look like I put in all the effort. And after spritzing, moussing and scrunching my way through different hair products, I finally found magic through texturizing sprays. They are often compared to dry shampoos because of the way they add thickness to your hair, but unlike a dry shampoo they can be applied all over, from root to tip.

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Here are the 3 sprays that are changing my morning routine for good, and seriously upping my hair game:

The first product I fell in love with was John Frieda Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray. You apply it when your hair is still damp, like a mousse. After spraying it all over, I run a brush through my hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed. This spray made each strand of hair feel twice as thick, resulting in some serious volume.

Next, I found Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease Finishing Spray. This product gave my hair so much oomph that I actually started using the word “oomph.” At first, I thought the spray would work like a hairspray and make my strands sticky, but I was surprised to find that the finish was more on the powdery side, which gave me the intense hold I wanted, but kept my hair looking lifted and weightless.


The third spray I used was Blow Pro Blow Out Spray, and I can honestly say that I’m officially considering this to be a holy grail product. Everything about this spray left me wanting more! This one is categorized as a hairspray, but it’s nothing like traditional hairspray because after using it I could still run my fingers through my hair and play around with my look. It’s light, airy and gives me that “I just got a serious blowout from a professional hairdresser” kind of look, when really all I did was flip my head upside down and spray.