Natalia Manzocco
Natalia Manzocco

These eye pencils are my favourite new drugstore finds

If it were up to me, “iridescent” would be a neutral. My reasoning: if it reflects every colour of the rainbow, it must go with everything. That also applies to my makeup collection: I’m can’t resist anything with a duochrome formula. For the uninitiated, that’s a product that reflects a different colour when the light hits it – like a pink powder that shines blue.

Unfortunately, it’s a quality that tends to be found more often in specialty makeup lines than in drugstore products. (Come back, Maybelline Colour Tattoo duochrome shadows! You were discontinued far before your time!) So when I learned that Bourjois offers a duochrome eyeliner among their lineup of eye pencils, I tracked them down pretty much immediately.

The Bourjois Regard Effect Duo Chrome Metallic Eye Pencil ($17) is currently offered in three colours: brown, green, and purple (I was able to test out the first two). Both of them swatched pretty smoothly on the back of my hand, with good colour payoff.

At first blush, I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed with how they looked on my eyes. The brown pencil, in particular, looked a lot lighter and more sheer than it did in swatch form. And where was the duochrome effect? Technically, to qualify as a duochrome, they’d have to reflect two different colours, but the brown just looked light brown, and the jungle-green looked minty colour.

Nat - duochrome 1

But as I kept playing with them, examining the product on my face from different angles, I realized that the reason the product looked so sheer was because of the way the light hit it – I was seeing the “pale” version of the colour. Though it didn’t reflect a different shade the way I’d hoped, the super-focused, light-catching shimmer effect was still pretty darn cool.

Eventually I started layering the Bourjois pencil with some of the duochrome shadows I’d collected – and loved the result. On its own, the pencil’s effect might be too subtle for some, but mixed in with other reflective shadows, it added some great depth.

Also super fun: Creating an ombré effect by applying the brown pencil to the inner half of my lashline and the green version on the outer half, overlapping them in the middle to create a super-rad (if nigh-on impossible to capture on camera) ombré effect.

If you’re looking for a dramatic duochrome look all in one swipe, the Bourgeois pencils may not be for you – but if you’re into a strong-yet-subtle shimmer or a way to amp up an eye look, they’re worth picking up (no two ways about it).