Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith

Over $30/Under $30: Highlighting Powders

Anyone active in the world of beauty blogging is aware of the wide range of makeup, skincare, hair and nail products enticing our wallets. But unless you’ve got a budget like Kylie Jenner’s, you’ll need to prioritize your purchases. Some things you splurge on, others you spend less on. In light of this, I’ve decided to try one product that’s over $30, and one that’s under $30.

Lately I’ve been all about highlighting, so I thought I’d test two illuminating powders: Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder in Clair and Vasanti See the Light Powder Highlighter Duo in Earth Angel. Guerlain’s powder includes a variety of coloured pearls that correct common skin issues and illuminate the face. Vasanti’s powder, meanwhile, contains two shades that can be applied separately or together to give the user a natural radiance in any lighting.


Over $30: Guerlain’s photogenic metallic tub was the first thing I noticed, followed by the colourful pearls that look like candy (I posted them all over Snapchat that day). They have a strong violet scent that’ll leave your S.O. wondering why your face smells so good. Following the instructions, I swept the powder in a “G” pattern across my face with a Quo Bronzing Powder Brush, focusing on the curved areas of my cheekbones.


Under $30: Vasanti’s Powder Highlighter Duo was next on my list. I decided to apply each tone separately at first—the darker tone across the hollows of my cheeks and lightly on my temples, and the highlighting tone under my eyes and across my cheekbones, chin and the centre of my forehead. I then dusted a light layer over everything.

My verdict:
Before I used the Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder, I’d been having a bad skin day. It made my skin look brighter and pleasantly shimmery, while taking attention away from the blemishes on my chin. I also liked how it lasted my entire workday: scent, shimmer and all, and set the rest of my makeup nicely. It’s without a doubt a splurge, but if you like a good finishing powder, this one gets the job done and leaves your skin looking happy and healthy.


As a contour-highlighter virgin, I thought the Vasanti See the Light Powder Highlighter Duo in Earth Angel was a great beginner’s kit. I really liked this powder. I’m usually an au naturel girl with makeup, but this compact is foolproof. The powder made my skin glow, lasted the entire day (and probably night too, if I’d left it on) and made me forget I even had bumps on my chin. I loved how it felt like it was barely there, and how easily it came off with a makeup wipe at the end of the day.