Natalia Manzocco
Natalia Manzocco

BB creams that almost made me throw out my old foundation

As a person who is a) addicted to buying makeup and b) hella lazy, my personal beauty white whale for the past several months has been the perfect drugstore BB cream. Combining coverage, moisturizer and SPF in one idiot-proof step is exactly the kind of beauty routine I can get behind. Now that every single mass-market beauty line has hopped on the BB bandwagon, I felt my Holy Grail would soon be at hand.

Others came close, but I soon found myself wondering if I could top my two faves: Cover Girl CG Smoothers and Maybelline Dream Fresh BB, without bumping myself up into that department-store price point. The Cover Girl one had a great ultra light lotion-y feel and worked with my skin’s rosy undertones, but went on a little too sheer for my liking, whereas the Maybelline version had slightly better coverage, but didn’t quite settle into my skin the way Cover Girl CG Smoothers did.

BB cream before_after

It was Garnier, one of the first North American companies to capitalize on the BB cream craze with their BB Cream + Blur, which launched earlier this year in Canada. In addition to all the usual BB cream promises (moisturizing, complexion-evening, et cetera) this version includes a hit of primer for a blurring, mattifying effect.

That little bit of primer goes a long way — this stuff has easily the best finish of any BB cream I’ve picked up so far, and does a great job of evening things out for that “your skin only better” look.

But, as the Poison song “every rose has its thorn” states, everything’s not perfect. The lovely folks at Garnier decided to scent the daylights out of this cream so you might notice a lingering perfuminess post-application. The smell isn’t terribly unpleasant, and I’m willing to turn a blind eye (or nose) in favour of its better qualities, but this might be a deal breaker if you’re sensitive to fragrances.

My other issue: My skin has some oily patches (mainly the nose, with a little extra shine on the forehead), and though the BB cream applies fairly matte, I’ve noticed that my T-zone gets greasy again by midday. I’ve been combating that with extra dabs of powder during the day.