Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria

Beauty Hack: The Unexpected Way I’m Highlighting My Face

Typically you’ll spend anywhere from $20-$50 for a traditional highlighter from one of your favourite cosmetics lines. But what if I told you you could achieve a dewy glow and not only will it look better than your typical highlighter, but it will also catch the light even in the worst lighting? (Think overhead office/hospital type lighting.)

You’d say, show me, right?! Here is how you achieve a luminous glow with lipgloss, preferably clear. For this example I’m using Quo’s Duo gloss which is clear with a touch of pink iridescence.

You can use any clear gloss you have handy, this one is a little sticky so if it’s windy outside then I would opt for a less sticky formula or a traditional pressed powder. But trust me when I say this is the perfect way to illuminate your skin for the summer.


I use a tiny dollop of gloss and put it on my ring finger, as I will be working around the eye area and the ring finger applies the least amount of pressure, which means minimal tugging around the eyes.


Before I add the glossy highlight my skin looks flat and one-dimensional.


I then use my ring finger to apply the gloss along the top of my cheekbone, lightly tapping it into my skin so it looks like natural moisture. I create a “C” shape with the highlight from my cheekbones to my brow bones. I also add some right above the arch of my brow, down the bridge of my nose and even on the sides of my nostrils, (just a tad).


Here’s the finished look. My skin doesn’t look glittery but you can see a beautiful natural glow that looks lit from within, healthy and youthful. Give it a shot!