Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

Beauty Hack: Why I’m Using an Eyelash Curler Again

“Alyssa, why do you have spoons in your makeup bag?” was the question asked by anyone who’s ever wanted to borrow my lip gloss.

Believe it or not, spoons used to be a crucial part of my eye makeup routine as I used a spoon to curl my eyelashes. It’s a hack that I learned from beauty guru Michelle Phan. I used to line the edge of the spoon against my lashes and press it gently with my thumb to create a curve. The harder I pressed down, the more volume was created in the curve. It was a little extra work because I had to do this twice on both eyes, but it did the job.


Now I bet you’re asking why I used a spoon instead of a traditional eyelash curler. Traditional curlers weren’t cutting it for me. All the eyelash curlers I’ve tried before were designed for an eye shape that was much larger and rounder than my own. Having more of an almond-shaped eye and having very short, fine lashes, I noticed that only the centre of my lashes were curled, while the corners were MIA. So when it came down to applying mascara, my eyelashes looked uneven; creating an almost clumpy effect (not cute!).

But now I’m #teamlashcurler (again), all thanks to Tweezerman’s Promaster Lash Curler. The Promaster Lash Curler is specially designed with a 38 degree shape, which makes it perfect for anyone who has deep sets or almond shaped eyes. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was so amazed with how this curler was able to reach the corners of my lashes; comfortably curling them without any adjustments or accidental pinching. No clumpy-looking lashes here!

My lashes have never looked so long and full, and that’s even without mascara. Achieving voluminous, curled lashes is a must for any mascara junkie. For long-lasting volume and length, I’ve been wearing LashFusion Armour Enhancing + Conditioning Lash Primer and LashFusion Xtension Dramatically Lengthening Fiber Mascara.