I tried to guess the new Burt’s Bees lip balm flavours

I associate most memories with scents. Within seconds, I can figure out which fragrance I’m smelling on people around me, whether it’s on the subway or the office. At the very least, I can detect some key notes. So when Burt’s Bees Moisturizing lip balms landed on my desk, I decided to put my scent detection skills to the test.


Lip balm 1:

This one reminds me of penny candies I used to love so much as a kid. All of the sudden, I have an urge to grab a handful of gummy bears. It smells super fruity, like I feel like it would taste like cherry bubble gum.


Lip Balm 2:

The lip balm has a very subtle scent, as opposed to the last one, where the cherry fragrance is super strong. It’s definitely sweet but not too sweet. It’d be great for someone who just wants a hydrating lip balm and not necessarily smell like a fruit salad.


Lip balm 3:

This also smells fruity but not in an artificial way. It almost has an earthy scent, I bet it’d be great as a moisturizer.


Lip balm 4:

This has coconut in it, for sure. But I also smell something fruity, which is a little unexpected but I don’t mind it.


Lip balm 5:

This reminds me of those fruity creamsicles I used to love so much as a kid. I feel like it’d be really good as a soda flavour. I just want to drink it up.


Lip Balm 6:

Oh, this definitely has grapefruit in it, I feel like it’s impossible to confuse grapefruit with something else. I appreciate that it’s not too strong.


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