Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

How This Collection is Changing my Entire Eyebrow Routine

If you’ve read my previous brow post, you know that I’m obsessed with perfecting my eyebrows. Although I try really hard to take care of my arches, I’ve never had a ride-or-die product to keep them tame. My typical brow haul is basically buying the most affordable palette or pencil and working with it. But now that summer’s here, I need a serious desert island-(proof) brow product that goes beyond just filling them in and lasts the entire day.


One collection that beauty vloggers have been raving about recently is the Benefit Brow Collection. I got a sneak peek at the collection at the Gen Beauty Toronto event, and I had to give it a try to see if it lives up to its reputation as an eyebrow game changer.


From the collection, I tried the Brow Zings (Total Taming & Shaping Kit for Brows), Precisely, My Brow Pencil (Ultra-Fine Brow Defining Pencil) and Ka-Brow (Cream-Gel Brow). I found that Brow Zings and Precisely, My Brow were pretty comparable to the brow products I use on a regular basis. But the Ka-Brow really surprised me! I’ve always avoided brow gel because I wanted natural-looking brows rather than bold and defined ones. But I found the Ka-Brow to have an almost gel-to-powder finish, so it glides on smoother than a typical gel but finishes like a powder. Its 2-in-1 brush and gel means I get full control and buildable boldness. So I can have either natural looking arches or a dark, bold brow. Using the angle brush it comes with, I just gently glide it on with hair-like strokes. It’s also sweat-proof and waterproof, so there are no touch-ups needed.


I also tried the Browvo! Conditioning Primer. Regardless of what product you prefer, this primer will prolong your brow product’s wear. I’ve never used a primer in my arches before, but I’ve got to admit it’s pretty genius. While this clear serum keeps my hairs in place and my brow product intact, it also contains soy proteins and keratin to maintain healthy growth (a.k.a. thicker brows). Before applying any product to my brows, I’ve been applying one click of the serum primer and brushing my brows upwards.