Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

Eye Contouring is a Thing, and it’s Surprisingly Easy

Contouring’s death knell may have rung last summer when makeup kween Kim K threw her support behind nontouring, but the trend isn’t quite done with us yet. Instead, it’s become focused, refined and, most importantly, simplified.


It’s no secret that wide-open eyes = awake-looking eyes, and eye contouring takes the same shadow and highlighting play that can change the look and shape of your face (see above image) and brings it to your peepers, with no complicated tutorial required. Here’s my super straightforward how-to:

Using Essence’s aptly named Eye Contouring Pencil, I apply the highlighting side (Frosting) to colour in from my lash line to my crease. The subtle champagne shimmer is so pretty I could stop there, but to get the full effect I flip over the pencil and use the darker mauve colour (Caramel) to define the crease up to my brow bone and blend it with my finger—or a brush if you fancy. I instantly look at least five per cent more awake.


Because brows are the shutters of the windows of your soul (erm, right?), paying special attention to my arches will add to the contoured look. I draw in my brows with NYX’s Sculpt & Highlight Brow Coutour pencil in Brunette, and then trace under my arches with the Cream side, which has a nice spongy applicator and a waxy finish for maximum staying power. It adds to the shade versus light game I’m playing.


The final look isn’t a dramatic transformation, nor should it be. But if, on a day when I didn’t get enough sleep, one less person remarks that I look tired, it’s working.