Emily MacCulloch
Emily MacCulloch

The Five Beauty Products I Use Everyday Without Fail

I’m all for trying new makeup looks (hell, I’ll try anything once, including black lipstick). But no matter what weird and wacky look I’m going for, there are a few products that I reach for without fail on the daily. This is the makeup that makes me feel polished and put-together, and I can’t imagine living without it.

Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks in Look Less Tired – Light and Get Less Red (available in August)
These colour correctors are the real deal. They come in four shades but the two that I can’t get enough of are Look Less Tired, which I use on my under-eyes and Get Less Red, which I use on the blotchy areas of my face (so basically all over). I switch up my foundation all the time (I have about five that I rotate through) depending on the my skin that day and the look I’m going for but these sticks are a must for me.

Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Loose
This is another skin product that I can’t imagine leaving the house without. I have large pores and super oily skin, so I always finish my skin with a dust of this blurring powder over my T-zone. It smoothes out the surface of my skin and doesn’t get cakey (a true feat when you’re dealing with 40 degree humidity and oil glands that are in overdrive). It also works great on touch-ups throughout the day.

NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette
Even though I’m oily af, I still like to add a bit of dew to my skin to brighten under my eyes and bring out my cheekbones. This palette has every colour to give your skin that glow and the texture isn’t too shiny or glittery which can be rare for powder highlighters. I like mixing the peach and champagne shades together and on days when I need an extra boost I add in some of the lavender hue.

Urban Decay Brow Tamer in Taupe
I switch my brow product on the regular (sometimes I like pencil, sometimes I like powder and sometimes I like gel!) but I always finish my arches off with a swipe of this brow mascara. The shade is so ashy, I love it. My brow hairs are on the long side and this gel keeps them in formation all day, no need for touch-ups.

Tweezerman Procurl Lash Curler for Round Eyes
Where do I start with this guy? I always have a lash curler on me and this one is the best of the best. I’m a mascara junkie (I usually have about 10 different ones on the go at any given time) but your mascara is only as good as your curler. I have super-straight lashes so for me there’s no point in even wearing mascara unless my lashes are curled. It’s designed specifically for round eyes so it has a narrower top bar, making it easier to manoeuvre around my lids.