Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

How Missy Elliott inspired my new makeup look

No longer relegated to the kids’ crafting table or must-have flair for ‘90s club kids, glitter is angling for a place in the grown-up world. You may have noticed that glitter hair parts have taken over your Instagram for a minute but the music video for Missy Elliott’s excellent new track “WTF (Where They From?)” makes a strong case for putting your sparkle where your mouth is. Here’s a look at how to recreate the trend in a pinch and make it wearable for those of us who aren’t outrageously talented rap superstars.

1) Apply a balm or gloss as a base (recommend: Oh! Orchid by Maybelline BabyLips or Taupe With me lipgloss)
2) Follow-up with the lip colour of choice (I opted for #TextMe from CoverGirl’s Smoochies)
3) Instead of the big chunks of glitter a la Missy, I achieved a subtle look by applying an ultra-glittery eyeshadow (essence’s Metal Glam shadows in Frosted Apple and Coffee to Glow proved perfect) with a lip brush and building until the desired glimmer was achieved.

Mariah would be proud.