Lisa Hannam
Lisa Hannam

I Had an Instagram Makeup Makeover

Instagram makeup is so divisive! I had no idea. When I got an IG makeup makeover, I had the best time, but I got some very mixed reactions from friends, family and colleagues.

NYX beauty advisor and professional makeup artist, Nikki Wong Jing suggested we do All. The. Trends. From strobing to contouring to lip filling, smoky eyes, and so, so much more. As somewhat of a basic girl, on a standard day (or night out, even), I wear concealer, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. I have fun with makeup, but within my own limits. As a challenge for myself, and for Nikki, we went for it.

We had the best time! Between laughs, Kardashian gossip and multiple pauses to appreciate my makeover, I learned so much about technique. The power of makeup to change the look of a face isn’t just impressive, it’s magical. Nikki showed me how to make my nose look cute, how to sharpen my cheekbones, get a duck-face pucker, make my eyes pop and even elongate my neck (yes we contoured my neck).

Reactions, however, were mixed. If you love makeup, you’d appreciate the halo smokey eye (!!!!). I was told “I can’t look away,” and “your eyes look so intense,” from a couple of friends. The makeup feeds the camera, and IRL it’s a lot of makeup, even by Nikki’s standards. I was also told by one person, “You look scary,” and “You look straight out of a horror movie.” Not the look we were going for, but it beautifully illustrates how makeup can affect people. Even British makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes got in on the editorial vs. Instagram aesthetic. My take, even after piling on the makeup? It’s makeup. Why are people so serious about it? It just washes off.

It is a lot of makeup – it took two hours to do. Do beauty Instagrammers do this every day? Even on days when they’re not taking selfies? No, no they don’t, Nikki tells me. He suggests they do it just for the post. But a trip to the mall tells me otherwise.

So, surprise, surprise, I’m not committing to a daily two-hour makeup routine (not including touch-up time). And I don’t think my face shape allows for contouring – it makes me look too skinny – not the sweet cherub faces that popular IG MUAs have. But I am going to steal Nikki’s makeup tricks.

  • Get inspired by IG makeup stars. It’s like fashion from a magazine, I can take looks and make it my own.
  • Put a bit of highlighter on the end of my nose to make it a button nose.
  • Put a bit of highlighter on the cupid’s bow (the top of the lips, just underneath the nose) for the look of fuller lips.
  • Use a lighter lipliner to line the top lip and a darker liner for the lower lip. It also adds dimension to the pout.
  • Just a bit of contouring goes a long way, so lightly dust it so you can control how “made up” you look.

Oh, and one more thing, I’m taking away from my makeover: The Kardashian name Nikki gave me. So please, from now on refer to me as Kartier Kardashian (like Cartier, but with a K).