Nicole Keen
Nicole Keen

I’m Giving Lipgloss a Second Chance

I know I’m not the only girl whose first real beauty purchase was a lipgloss (the glossier, the better obviously). I socked away my hard-earned babysitting dollars until I could afford cult classics like Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes and Stila’s Lip Glazes, and I was obsessed. Slicking on gloss felt very grown-up, but the fruity scent and sparkly finish was exactly what my pre-teen self desired. Eventually, I graduated to ladylike lipsticks—preferably matte and super-saturated—and I never looked back.

Nowadays, you’ll rarely catch me without my signature lippy. The truth is, I feel kinda weird without it, and when I’m not wearing it people often ask if I’m feeling OK. Needless to say, I haven’t missed my old friend lipgloss one bit, but I’m starting to wonder if it might be time for a reunion. The return of lipgloss has been on my radar for a while now. For one, Lancôme recently released Juicy Shakers (kind of a new gen Juicy Tube); plus I’ve read several articles saying that lipgloss is back big time. And as if that wasn’t enough to pique my interest, makeup artist and all-around crush-worthy lady Gucci Westman recently told The Cut that lipgloss was feeling fresh: “I totally love the idea of that immaculate sort of liquid mouth, liquid skin…I think it’s because it’s been so long that I really just want to see gloss everywhere.” Well, then. I don’t know about you, but she might have a point.

It definitely helps that gloss formulas have drastically improved since the ultra-sticky hair magnets I remember. Juicy Shakers, for example, have an oil-based formula that gives you colour and shine without that unwanted gloopy texture, while Dior’s Dior Addict Milky Tint and Quo’s Colour Overload Lipgloss deliver deeper colours than any of their predecessors. Let’s get one thing straight: I’ll never ever (ever) give up my red lipstick, but these new and improved glosses are a nice, light summer option.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Wonder Melon


This gloss feels just as moisturizing as a lip balm (seriously), but delivers a perfect dose of shine combined with a subtle stain-like colour. It also smells delicious—a nice nod to the lipglosses I used to love once upon a time.


Dior Dior Addict Milky Tint in Milky Peach


The pointed applicator makes this gloss easy to apply, even on your cupid’s bow, and the formula feels so smooth you almost forget you’re wearing anything at all. The pretty coral hue is a great everyday option and made my lips look sort of like I’d just finished an orange creamsicle.


Quo Colour Overload Lipgloss in Fashion Perk


The first thing I noticed about this lipgloss is that they’re not kidding about the “colour overload” description. The saturation is seriously impressive for a gloss, and it’s not sticky at all. This is definitely a good lipstick alternative in terms of colour payoff.