Nicole McIntyre
Nicole McIntyre

Why I’m Wearing Orange Makeup This Spring

Most people associate orange with the fall, but I’ve been wearing it all winter, and we’re going to see even more of it come spring—particularly a red-based orange called Flame. It’s one of the top 10 colour choices in Pantone’s colour trend report for fashion and beauty this spring. Orange makeup is daring, but also warm and fresh. Matching makeup is another thing that’s all over the runways this season, so for this look I’m going to try orange eyeshadow and lipstick with a peach contour palette. I even did an orange nail that pulls it all together. In fact, when I started, I already had my nails painted with Essie’s Clambake.


For the makeup part of this look, I applied Essence Shape Your Face Highlight and Contour Palette in Peach. I like this powder because it’s subtle with just a little sparkle to bring out a sunny radiance. I used three different brushes: a small one for the lightest shade (highlight), which goes on your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your chin; a medium-sized one for the contour, which I put on my cheekbones, my temples and the top of my forehead; and a blush brush for the orange shade, which I applied to my cheeks. Use the blush sparingly, as it comes out sparkly and you don’t want it to distract from your eyes, lips or nails.


The third part of this look is the eyelids, which are a subtle orange shade. I used Urban Decay Spike Eyeshadow. I like this colour because it’s not too pigmented and has brown undertones rather than yellow, so it appears slightly orange but also kind of neutral. Using an eyeshadow brush, I concentrated the colour in an upwards V motion on the outer corners of my eyes and blended towards the middle, leaving part of the lid uncovered. Think of creating a cat eye with eyeshadow.


Lastly, I used NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Foiled Again, a bright orange that matched my nail polish perfectly. I love this lipstick on its own but especially with this look, because it really brings out the subtle orange of the eyeshadow and contour.