Kelsi Su
Kelsi Su

How to Look More Radiant with Neck Contouring

I recently noticed how frequently neck contouring is used on red carpets. When I got the hang of the technique and tried neck contouring for my friend’s wedding, I was in awe of how much more radiant I looked in photos, just with this quick five-minute makeup trick.


When it comes to contouring, first and foremost is proper skincare. If you’re self-conscious about your neck skin, try a  cream targeted for that specific area. I like to apply StriVectin TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream on my neck and jawline in an upward motion. It doesn’t dry out your skin or make you oily, so it’s perfect to use under makeup.


A good base for contouring starts with the right foundation. I use Chanel Healthy Glow Foundation as it’s lightweight and blends pretty easily and seamlessly. Since my neck is a bit darker than my face, this natural shade (N30, in my case) evens out the difference. I apply it with my fingers, dotting four small blobs on my cheeks, forehead and chin and blending it with Guerlain The Foundation Brush.


Now for the contouring. I push my shoulders forward to see what kind of lines are created with my bones so I know where to contour. Just follow where the natural shadow is, like on each side of your neck and collarbones and the little V that connects the neck and collarbone.


I like to use a cream contour like Nyx Wonder Stick as it’s super easy to blend and looks natural. The stick comes in six colours, and has lipstick-shaped bullets on either end that house a shimmery highlighter and a matte contour shade.


I draw the line along my collarbone slowly and cautiously to avoid an overly dramatic look. Then I blend out the contour with Guerlain The Foundation Brush and the highlighter with a blender sponge. If it’s too subtle, I add more shadowing with a powder like Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Contouring Palette. The natural, matte shades are amazing for body sculpting as well as a daily face contouring.

Finally, I apply some setting spray to make it last. Now I’m ready to out-glow everyone else!