Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller

My fave no-fail eyeliners

You may know it as the cat eye, the feline flick or the Alexa Chung. No matter what pet name you prefer for the circa-‘60s kohl-rimmed look that’s impressive to behold but notoriously hard to pull off, I’ve given up on mastering it.

Instead, I’m happy to fake it with the help of liquid liners that make it almost impossible to mess up. These little darlings offer easy application, don’t tug at my delicate eyelids and best of all, have serious staying power.


I’ve been using a version of L’Oreal’s Telescopic Precision Liquid Liner since it was called something else entirely but the formula and felt-tip applicator remain unflappable. Apply with a steady hand et voila! I like to add a little drama by layering a second thick line if I’m going out at night and it holds up to reapplication.

Cargo’s TexasLiner stays true to the old adage that everything is bigger in the Lone Star state with this decidedly chubby pen. It’s a bit intense for daytime, thanks to the thickness of the applicator tip, but it doesn’t smudge and goes on with ease so I save it for when the sun goes down.

A matte liquid eyeliner? Yes please. Joe Fresh, the newest mass-market-but-doesn’t-perform-like-it kid on the block at your local Shoppers, delivers the goods with a fine brush that allows me to sweep the highly-pigmented colour on my lashline with just one smudge-free application.

If my monthly beauty budget runneth over, I go for Essence’s Superfine Liquid Liner, which is exactly what it sounds like. No bells and whistles, this beloved cheap-and-cheerful brand delivers the goods and pro tip: should be stored lying on its side or tip-down to prevent drying.