Alyssa Tria
Alyssa Tria

The New Brushes I Can’t Get Enough Of

New year, new brushes. That’s right: Just like makeup, brushes have an expiry date. I made this discovery when I was testing out several different matte foundations and no matter which one I used or how well I blended, it always looked splotchy. The same thing happened with my concealer and the rest of my makeup. Multiple wipes later, I realized that it wasn’t me or my cosmetics, it was my brushes.


I could actually see the makeup build-up within the bristles, and the smell wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t even remember the last time I cleaned my brushes. But several brush baths couldn’t fix the problem, so I finally said peace out to the old brushes and hired some new recruits:


Quo BB/CC Application Brush
Don’t let the name fool you: This buffing brush isn’t just for BB and CC creams, it’s great for foundation too. It makes blending foundation easy, thanks to the sponge applicator core. All I do is apply two to three small pumps of product on the sponge.


Urban Decay Diffusing Highlighter Brush
For years I’ve been using a fan brush to apply highlighter, and I’ve never doubted it…until now. This small diffusing highlighter brush is the ultimate tool for precision and control. Now I can apply highlighter directly above my cheekbones without it fanning off to the sides of my nose. The bristles are super soft and mimic real hair, so the brush catches the right amount of product, blends smoothly and has a diffusing effect.


PÜR Chisel Brush
For super light makeup days, I only wear pressed foundation powder and a bit of bronzer. This brush distributes the powder evenly all over my skin. I like to swirl the brush onto my face in a circular motion to properly buff the makeup into my skin. It takes a little more time, but now my skin actually looks like skin and not like a cakey dry mess.


Rodial Baking Brush
Baking is my new thing. It took a while for me to nail it, but now, thanks to this baking brush, the results finally look the way the YouTube makeup vloggers do it. (You can actually see the setting powder stay on my face now!) All I needed was a small, densely packed brush for applying and dusting away the powder. The Rodial Baking Brush will be available in February at Murale and Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE.

To make sure these brushes last, my New Year’s resolution is to clean them on a regular basis. Not that I didn’t know the importance of brush hygiene before, I was just lazy. I used to clean my brushes using shampoo, but things got a lot easier when I discovered the Quo Solid Brush Cleanser. This brush balm is made with goat milk to condition and dissolve impurities from your brushes, while leaving them freshly scented. All you have to do is dip the bristles into the balm, swirl them around and rinse with water. Because it’s super quick and easy, nothing is going to stop me now!